Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CPDJA?

The Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association, Inc. (CPDJA) is a not-for-profit corporation that serves the Canadian DJ industry. The CPDJA is operated by a volunteer Executive Committee, volunteer Regional Team Leaders, and two hired staff. It is overseen by a member-voted Board of Directors.

Why have an auction?

This might look long, but it’s actually the short answer. It’ll only take you 30 seconds to read…

In order to help facilitate the next phase of growth for the CPDJA, the organization is going to be investing in a comprehensive Membership Management Software (and website redesign). The burden this software will lift from the association staff and volunteers will be magnificent, and the added member experience it will create is something the entire organization is very excited about. The long term goals that will be met by this software implementation includes easily being able to handle the next decade or two of consistent growth and accommodate membership numbers as high as 3000. Provided our funding goals are met, this auction will fund the configuration and implementation of this software with MemberNova (a software vendor that specializes in back-end software for non-profits) and accompanying website redesign. The money raised from this auction goes to nothing else. Period. End of story.

Are the items really donated?

Yes, 100%. The companies and individuals listed as “donated by” deserve every ounce of love you can give them. They believe in what the CPDJA is doing and to have their support in this massive way is truly phenomenal. Please post a great review on their social media channels, and when you’re next considering an equipment or services purchase, please reach out to them. We know they’ll treat you just as well as they’ve treated us.

Who can participate?

You can! If you have two feet, a heartbeat, whatever…consider yourself invited to participate! You should also have a way of paying for what you bid on. If you don’t, that last part could get awkward.

But do I need to be a CPDJA member?

No, you are not required to be a CPDJA member. You can be a non-member, a CDJA member, an Aeroplan Rewards member, or a person that loves long walks on the beach. You’re all invited. It’s that easy. Bid away!

How do I start bidding on things?

We kind of need to know who you are so that if…*ahem*…WHEN you win your auction item, we know who to send a congratulatory note to! Set yourself up using the “register” button when you make your first bid and the rest is, as they say, easy as pie! Following registration, when you place your first bid, be sure to fill in your address and phone number. Helps us out…big time.

Note: If you aren’t a CPDJA member, please make sure to give us your first and last name so that we know who we’re talking to!

How does bidding work?

Once you’ve decided what you want your high bid to be, just bid that amount. At first, the auction software will simply bid you up enough to become the leader (provided your high bid was greater than the other high bids submitted). Then, it will auto-bid for you, as others submit their bids. If someone bids more than you, you will be notified via e-mail that you’ve been outbid, giving you a chance to re-submit a new high bid. It might sound a little confusing, but it’s like magic. Seriously.

What currency is everything listed in?

Well, it’s not trading very well on global markets, but since we’re Canadian, all prices, anywhere on this site, are in Canadian dollars.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is noted separately for each auction item and does vary quite a bit. For the most part though, don’t you worry about shipping. That is being taken care of for you and you can expect to receive your item(s) in early August.

When will my items arrive?

Hey, we just said that in the answer above. Didn’t you read that part? (Pssst, early August!)

How does shipping to the United States work?

We love our neighbours to the south and welcome their participation in this fun little project. If you’re an American reading this, you shouldn’t have to worry about any shipping costs. The exception might be potential duty charges on something shipping from Canada in to your country. That kind of depends on how your people at the border treat things. While we’d love to say we control the world, we don’t…and certainly not those border people.

Yay! I won! How do I pay for it?

You won?! Let this pre-written sentence be the first to congratulate you! Well done! We knew you could do it! GOOD WORK!!! (And thanks for your support!) As for payment, “our people” will get in touch with “your people” within 12 hours of the auction closing via e-mail. All payments with be invoiced to you from the CPDJA PayPal account. If you don’t hear from us inside of that 12 hour window, please pop on over (send us a note!) to make sure we’re ok. All purchasers must pay for their items in full within 72 hours of the auction close.

What’s this tax thing all about?

This one is sticky, we know. According to the guys in Ottawa, we need to charge you tax on your auction win (much like when buying anything anywhere else) according to your local provincial tax laws. So if you live in a province with PST, we’ll charge you that along with the standard 5% GST. For those that simply have HST, that’ll be the only charge you see. If you’re one of our American friends, you can ignore everything you just read because we won’t charge you one penny of tax. We love you that much!

Your crew sounds crazy, but if I wanted to help out, what should I do?

If you mean “help out” in more ways than simply bidding on a couple of auction items, then simply reach out to our President, Derek Schwartzentruber (I know, that is a lot of letters isn’t it?!), and he’ll help you figure that part out. His email address is a good way to reach him. Alternatively, you could send us a note!

Wow, that was a lot of info, I can’t believe I read this far down the page.

Yeah, us too. You’re really great for sticking around. Truly means a lot. Let’s grab a drink one day, ok?