2018 CPDJA Online Auction

Thank You || Results!

Approximately 2-1/2 months ago, an idea came about during a CPDJA Executive Committee meeting for a fundraiser. In order to facilitate the next stage of growth for the association and to ensure smooth operations going into the future, an incredible software package designed to help not-for-profits manage themselves, had been discovered. The question was, how would it be paid for? After some discussions and then an approval from the CPDJA Board of Directors, an Online Auction was decided upon. And what an auction…it was!

The auction has now come and gone and there are a pile of people to thank. First of all: the donors that stepped up with the most incredible list of auction items we could have hoped for. To say we were surprised with the genorosity of the industry would be an understatement. The majority of the phone calls and reaching out that we did resulted in the auction items you all witnessed over the last month. Electro-Voice started off the giving with a pair of their beautiful new white Evolve 50 speakers and the donations then continued from there. The wonderful companies and people who gave to this new idea will always be very special to us. Thank you so much — each and every one of you. You made this dream a reality and we will be forever grateful.

Next to thank are all of the people who participated in the auction by visiting the website, sharing news of it in their social media feeds and by placing their own bids on items. A massive thanks go out to all the winning auction participants. We had many people register to bid, but those who were willing to go all the way with final purchase bids mean so much to us. You fuelled what became an event that surpassed even our wildest expectations. Thank you!

A special thank you needs to also be sent out to all of you in email and notification land. The frequency with which email announcements and reminders were being sent out was a lot. The notifications through Facebook and such were also very heavy. Thank you for bearing with all of those necessary parts of this incredibly successful auction. We promise to give you all a reprieve from those for a while now!

So, what exactly does “successful” mean? Now is the time to reveal just that!

The total value of all goods and services donated to the auction was an astonishing $29,039! (Some really special supporters even stepped up to give after they witnessed the auction launch, saying they wanted to be a part of it!) Our early goals were to raise between $10,000 and $12,000 with $15,000 being a bit of a stretch goal. The final auction sales total came in at an amazing $17,607.48! This far exceeded our expectations.

We are truly astonished with this dollar amount and the industry support the CPDJA has received. The dollars raised in this auction will allow us greater flexibility for software implementation, website work and the monthly software licensing fees. As we start down the software and website implementation process, excitement behind the scenes is brewing! Stay tuned!

Once again, thank you for sitting through all auction promotions, thank you to all who bid on items and a massive thanks to the donors who made this all possible. The industry support that the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association has experienced through this initiative is something we do not take for granted. Your gifts to us will be put to the best possible use, in order to better serve the Canadian DJ industry through education, networking and support.

When you are able, please support the following companies and individuals as
thanks for their support of your not-for-profit DJ association,
the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association.

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