2018 CPDJA Online Auction

Live Now || The Fifth Group of Auction Items!

Auction group #5. It is finally here!

The close of auction group #1 came to an exciting close last night and payment preparations are now underway with those auction winners. Watch out for a list of the winners later on today! For now though…let’s talk about the final lot of auction items!

The launch of auction group #5 is extremely significant because it takes us into the final stretch of this massive project, is the largest listing to date, and it starts off with the single largest donation we were provided when the idea of this project was first floated to potential donors. Electro-Voice deserves some incredible applause and recognition for their involvement…and you’re about to see why. Read on friends.

Please click on the item name to view the complete auction listing:

All of the above auction listings will end 7 days from today at precisely 7:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm MST, 9:00 pm CST, 10:00 pm EST and 11:00 pm ATL.

These items follow the mind boggling and extremely lengthy list of items released so far from Chauvet DJ, Jeremy Brech, Bill Hermann and the Entertainment Experience, American DJ (lighting effect), Shure, Virtual DJ (#1, #2, #3), Scrim King (stand and cabinet covers), Pioneer DJ (headphones), Mike Walter (music history), Sam Fleming, Dave Galloway, Stefan Jez, Jared Weir, Trystan Meyers, Tom Wilcox, James ProulxMark and Rebecca Ferrell and their MarBecca Workshops, Joe Bunn, Mitch Taylor, Staci Nichols, QSC, American DJ, Rob Ferre, Mike Walter (Keys DVD), Vickie MusniDJ Event Planner, Pioneer, OdysseyRandy Bartlett & Mike Anderson, Mobile Beat, Midwest DJs Live, Photo Booth Expo, Peter Merry, Mike Walter (A wedding with), Tom Haibeck and Dave Ternier. There are a pile of amazing deals within those listings. Don’t let these opportunities get away!

From this point forward, we go into closing mode with one auction group wrapping up every two days. This will continue until group #5 comes to an end one week from today. Auction group #2 will close the day after tomorrow so be sure to keep an eye on your favourite items from that group! Happy bidding!


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